Justice League Teen Wonder Woman Costume

$86.00 (as of March 20, 2019, 6:34 pm)

Wonder Woman costume featuring dress with logo at chest, collar with attached cape, headband, wrist cuffs, and boot tops
Teen size fits jacket sizes 25-30 or dress sizes 2-6

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Difficult and compassionate with a powerful will, Surprise Girl has no issues taking at the position of superhero. The vintage pink, white and blue outfit has been a part of her legacy for the reason that her advent and embodies her adherence to justice. While the villains see it, they recognize that they are going to finally end up spending the remainder of their days at the back of bars. If you happen to ARE a villain, then do not be alarmed, simply manage to get lassoed.
Surprise Girl gown that includes get dressed with emblem at chest, collar with connected cape, headscarf, wrist cuffs, and boot tops
Teenager dimension suits jacket sizes 25-30 or get dressed sizes 2-6

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